Terms and conditions

Like anything, there are a range of terms and conditions to make yourself familiar about.

To apply for this program you will be required to complete and meet the criteria of Bass Coast Adult Education centre as a student. You will be enrolling as a student through Bass Coast Adult Education Program and must ensure you fully complete any and all forms requested by this training partner.

For privacy, by applying for the program you agree for your photo, name and contact details to be used by us and any partner organisation or sponsor for what ever use is necessary. We may also use your name, photo and details about you for marketing and publicity and each successful participant will be required to sign a media release form.

Successful applicants will be required to pay $50.00 AUD upfront and on successful completion of the program, this money will be returned.

This program and its partners and sponsors hold all rights and can remove, expel or reject and or all applications on their judgement.

Applicants will be selected by a panel, consisting of not less then 3 representatives and will be based on professional judgement based on the needs of the applicant. The panel reserves all rights to choose and select applicants based on their judgement.

All personal data will be kept in accordance with Bass Coast Adult Education’s privacy policy and on this website and the application form. Your data will remain safe and private within reasonable means and is subject to publicity as stated above.

By applying you agree that you are fit and able to use public transport and make your own transport arrangements. You also agree that when making your way to and from training, you are responsible for your own transportation and no responsibility by Let’s Life or it’s partners is accepted.

By applying for this program, you must read and agree to all of the terms and notify us if you do not agree with something, or believe these terms and conditions are unfair.