2018 Partners and sponsors.


Youth Affairs Council Victoria - Program Partner

YACVic have been instigators for this project by providing the ‘Activators’ program where youth from around Victoria chose an advocacy project. This is a result of that program.

Bass Coast Adult Ed - Training Partner

Bass Coast Adult Ed will be hosting all workshops and excursions. They will also be delivering the accreditation and training for industry skills and resume building.

Anglicare Victoria - Support Partner

Anglicare have provided the time and assistance to run a workshop in conjunction with YSAS. They will also be assisting with excursions and the delivery of the program.

Local Learning & employment network - Data and delivery partner

The LLEN will be providing some vital data to help advocate for the ongoing support for this program. The LLEN will also be helping deliver and connect with schools and organisations.

Bass Coast Shire - Funding partner

Bass Coast Shire within the youth and community development section have provided funding to enable the project to be successful. They have also placed an active role in the planning.

YMCA Bass Coast - Support Partner

The YMCA have been a natural fit, helping deliver the program and running a vital workshop on a healthy lifestyle and student life balance. The YMCA will also help with the trips to Melbourne.

Youth Support + Advocacy Service (ysas) - Support partner

Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS) will be running a workshop on drugs, alcohol, partying and safe sex. They’ll be hosting a fun workshop with a casual atmosphere!

We can’t thank our partners enough for their contributions. This being an all new program, can be hard to find local organisations to back something that we’re not even sure will 100% work as planned. By these partners getting on board with the program, shows an ongoing commitment to the community and to help further educate it’s residents. If you ever come pass any of these amazing, local sponsors, be sure to say hello and help share the message! We appreciate it and hope you do too!