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Our Mission:

Investing in you.

“Let’s life” is an initiative created in 2018, for those aged between 16-21 years who in order to continue to study full time; need to relocate. Let’s Life was built in the Bass Coast and is for people from rural and regional Victoria. This initiative will build independent skills, find scholarships, learn about the customs of being a tertiary education student and gain accredited training to help find a job while studying.


Our Mission

To create strong pathways to enable further education by helping build independent living skills, utilising existing resources and providing education and training to young people who need to relocate to study full time.

By doing this, the aim is to increase the stability and number of students from rural and regional Victoria to participate in full time, further education.

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The Program


“Let’s Life” is a program that includes multiple workshops to develop independent living skills, budgeting, finding scholarships and the customs of being a tertiary education student. In addition to workshops there will be 3 days of nationally accredited training to boost your resume. The program will also include trips to Melbourne to help navigate public transport and get an eye for the city lifestyle.

Six 3 hour workshops

Each workshop will be tailored to a specific topic. The topics will include things like how to live on a budget, finding suitable accommodation, navigating the life of a student, drugs, alcohol, parties and seeking a part time job.

Excursions to Melbourne

Hands on is the best way to learn. The program will be taking all participants to Melbourne to navigate and familiarise public transport options, while sneaking in some activities like scavenger hunts etc! A casual cooking class and some time to network will also be a must in Melbourne!

3 days of nationally accredited training

Having some nationally accredited skills behind you will help you excel. This program will provide you with training to achieve your Responsible Service of Alcohol, Safe Food Handling certificate and First Aid Level 1.

A network of peers

Moving to a new environment can be challenging. So removing these barriers by getting to know like minded people and experiencing the student lifestyle will help build confidence. After the program, a Facebook page will be established to help participants network and communicate!

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Our 2018 Partners & Sponsors.

Not only is this a brand new initiative, it’s being supported by some amazing local organisations! We couldn’t do it alone and are grateful to have these partners and sponsors involved with the program.
Although our list is ever growing, we think it’s worth a mention that every sponsor is just as important as each other and the success of this program.


Funding and program Partners

Youth Affairs Council Victoria (YACVIC)

Bass Coast Shire Council

Education and support partners

Anglicare Victoria

Youth Support + Advocacy Service (YSAS)

YMCA - Bass Coast

data and delivery partners

The Bass Coast Sound Gippsland LLEN

Bass Coast Adult Education Centre


Applying and eligibility

Applications for 208 have closed.

Stay tuned and check back in this space to see when applications for 2019 open.




The Impact in 2018

This program has been developed to help get more Bass Coast students accessing tertiary education. In 2019, Let’s Life will be rolled out to more regions!

Understanding there are some great local pathways, this is not always an option, particularly those in disciplines such as medical, engineering, sciences and law.


expected participants in 2018

2018 is set to be the year that kicks off the program. Although this year a limited number of places will be available, in future years the intention is to open the program to 20 or more eligible students.



In FUNDING and sponsorship

Thanks to our funding partners, over $25,000 in funding, sponsorship, and volunteer work is what makes this program possible! We encourage both participants and partners to interact.



program of its kind

This is the first time a program of it’s type has been established, to help students from rural and regional areas to gain the skills and confidence needed to relocate to study full time.