Frequently Asked Questions


What do i need to participate in the program?

You just need to be eligible for the program and available for the dates and times provided above.

How many people will be in the 2018 program?

If you join our program this year, you’ll be one of 12 participants!

How do I know if I am eligible?

If you meet the 4 criteria below, you are eligible to apply!

  1. 21 years old or younger and a resident of Bass Coast.

  2. Have applied for for full study in 2019, or be intending to apply for full time study in 2019 and be able to provide details.

  3. The study you have applied for or are intending to apply for must be more than 80km from your current school.

  4. You must be available to attend most, if not all workshops, training and trips to Melbourne. These are detailed on ‘The Program’ page.

How will the applicants be selected?

Applicants will be selected by a panel of at least three (3) people.
The panel will consist of the program manager, Josh Baker and 2 others or more which will include representatives of partners and sponsors of the program.
If a large number of applicants are received, an interview process may be introduced, to give every applicant a fair chance.
Applicants will be notified on Monday 5th of November if they are required to attend an interview of if they have been successful.

Do I need any money to participate?

We require each participant to pay $50 upfront. This will be returned on successful completion of the program.

Once you have paid your $50 upfront, all costs listed below are covered!

  • All workshops, including refreshments.

  • All accredited training.

  • All trips to Melbourne.

  • A program t-shirt.

  • A loaded Myki card for public transport.

  • Activities.

  • Lunch while on trips to Melbourne.


As long as you meet the criteria, there is no age limit.

who exactly is running the program?

The Let’s Life program for 2018 is being ran by Bass Coast Adult Education Centre under an auspice agreement. Joshua Baker is the 2018 project manager.

Various partners will be providing goods, services, financial contributions or volunteer time to ensure the program is successful. For 2018, the program is going to be facilitated like a ‘educational course’. This enables Bass Coast Adult Education Centre to facilitate the program and successfully auspice it.