Question - About the Let's Life program

Keen? Let’s get the rundown!

This program is here to help you, but we are working hard to make sure the core content is around a social time too! That’s why it’s not all about learning and training, we actually will be doing some fun activities like a scavenger hunt around Melbourne, cooking classes and some activities driven by YOU!

Understanding that exams, schoolies and Christmas are all important parts of your life, the program works around each of these for minimum disruption.

Applications for the 2018 program have now closed. Stay tuned for the 2019 program and see if let’s life has expended to your region!

The 2018 Delivery Plan included….

The program will be delivered in 2 stages. Stage 1 will be hosted at Bass Coast Adult Education Centre Wonthaggi and run between November and February. The sessions will start after exams and work around schoolies and Christmas.

Stage 2 will be in February 2019 and consist of 3 day trips to Melbourne.

There is a cost of $50 per participant, which will be returned on completion of the program. As the program is funded, it’s important that these funds are utilised for participants who can attend most sessions. That’s why we are happy to return the $50 on completion of the program!

Cost is $50 and this will be returned on successful completion of the program!

Cost - let's Life Program

Group - Stage 1 of Let's Life Program!

Stage 1

Stage 1 will run between November 21st and February 6th (skipping schoolies and Christmas).

  • 6pm-9pm Wed 21st November - Workshop 1 | Welcome to the program (Coffee Collective).

  • 6pm-9pm Wed 5th December - Workshop 2 | Enterprise skills & Planning

  • 9am-4pm Fri 7th December - Training 1 | First Aid.

  • 6pm-9pm Wed 12th December - Workshop 3 | Budgeting & Scholarships.

  • 9am-4pm Fri 14th December - Training 2 | Food Safety.

  • 6pm-9pm Wed 19th December - Workshop 4 | Study and life balance (YMCA).

  • 9am-4pm Fri 21st of December - Training 3 | RSA and Excel.

  • 6pm-9pm Wed 30th January - Workshop 5 |Living and accommodation.

  • 6pm - 9pm Wed 6th February - Workshop 6 | Alcohol, Partying & Drugs (YSAS & Anglicare).

Stage 2

Stage 2 of the program will focus on visiting Melbourne and establishing a great network with all participants and establish a social media group.

  • Melbourne Day 1 | Navigating public transport & activity (date TBC)

  • Melbourne Day 2 | Cooking classes & Student accommodation (date TBC)

  • Melbourne Day 3 | Activity & farewell (date TBC)

  • A social media group will be established to help connect in the future (DEC 2018)

House - Let's Life Program!

Location of delivery - Let's Life!

Where will this program be delivered?

The 6 workshops, responsible service of alcohol (RSA) and first aid will be delivered on site at Bass Coast Adult Education Centre, at 239 White Road, Wonthaggi VIC 3995. Some of these workshops may have components where we visit other local sites.

Food Safety training will be located on the Wonthaggi RSL, at 60 Graham Street, Wonthaggi 3995.

The 3 excursions will be using public transport and bus hire to various locations around and in Melbourne. These will be detailed prior to the day of travel and include suggestions from participants.

In 2018 the Eligibility criteria was…

Be 21 years old or younger and a resident of Bass Coast; and

Have applied for for full study in 2019, or be intending to apply for full time study in 2019; and

The study you have applied for or are intending to apply for must be more than 80km from your current school or primary place of residence; and

You must be available to attend most, if not all workshops, training and trips to Melbourne. These are detailed above.

Can I participate? Let's Life!