Get Involved!


A quick thanks to our 2018 partners and sponsors.

In 2018 we launched Let’s Life in the Bass Coast and we couldn’t do it alone. For this reason we partnered up with a range of amazing organisations and groups, who provided much needed support, resources and help. Check out these partners and sponsors and read more about them by clicking below.

How can you get involved?

You’d be surprised how we can get you involved! If you are part of a business, organisation or community group you have more to offer then you might think! We’re looking for some assistance in a range of ways including: people power, resources, mentors, attendance to activities and financial contributions.

We are also open to ideas and suggestions on how you might like to be involved. We believe in a collaborative approach and bringing the community together.

What are we looking for?

Anyone who can help and support the core values of Let’s Life in some way. So if you have something you feel could benefit 18-25 year old’s, then we’d love to hear from you. It could be simple things like mentoring, grabbing a coffee with someone, attending activities, sharing your life experiences or dedicating resources!

What’s in it for partners and sponsors?

You’ll not only be recognised on social media, websites and posters, but we engage with your business/group and have the participants engage too. This means we want to promote you as much as you want to be involved! We have various tiers of sponsorship and each attracting a number of great brand and publicity ideas. Most importantly we want to work with you to find something that works and you’re comfortable with. We don’t practice harsh sales tactics and will never make you feel uncomfortable; ever.

How does it work?

Get in touch and we can set up a plan, sponsorship, partnership or other arrangement that mutually benefits both parties. We need you and the community to help inspire the next generation on youth exceed! So let’s get started!